Why Aromarest?


Simulated sunrise and sunset modes help you sleep naturally and wake gently with million color LEDs tastefully hidden within a chic, modern shade. Choose any color of light, adjust the brightness to your heart’s desire or select preset candle and Insomnia Buster modes to help you find your good night’s sleep, naturally.


Aromarest was designed with two aromatherapy-diffusing bays. One can be used at night with a scent such as lavender to help relax the body into sleep. The other can be used to produce an invigorating scent and enliven the senses each morning.


Aromarest integrates a high-fidelity speaker mounted under its dual diffuser bays so sound can be reflected off the surface of the table. This creates an omnidirectional output that fills the room without appearing too close. You can use music from your own phone or a selection of sounds built into the app, including ocean sounds, rain, white noise and wake up tones.

Sleep better, routinely

Good sleep makes you happier, healthier, and better at handling the challenges of everyday life. You can maximize your time between the sheets by setting a healthy routine, switching to red lights in the evening and exposing yourself to bright, white light during the day.

Breathe easy with Insomnia Buster

When you bring your attention to your breath and quiet your mind, you can slow your heart rate and prepare your body for sleep. Match your breath to pulsing, melatonin-inducing red light to find sleep, nice and easy.

Track your sleep, night after night

When you pay attention to how well you sleep, you can take steps to improve that sleep. Record your sleep habits, make automatic adjustments and start changing your life, one night at a time.