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Aromarest provides a simple, trouble-free way to sleep better using the latest in sleep science technology. It is the only device on the market that encompasses the entire sleeping and waking cycle by combining million-color LEDs, dual essential oil diffusers and gentle sounds. The result is a smart, app-controlled device that doesn’t just track your sleep, but actively does something about it.

Includes Aromarest, sleep and wake oil samples, measuring cup and power cable.

Select color and quantity

Remember to download the app

Aromarest will not function without the companion app, available for free on iOS and Android.

Scents to Help Sleep

The sweet aroma of lavender has been proven to help you find sleep and, once you’re asleep, help you sleep better. Other scents that may help include valerian root, basil, juniper, and marjoram.

Scents to Help Wake

Energizing citrus aromas can help you feel revived and refreshed in the morning and help you prepare to take on the day. In addition to lemon, orange and grapefruit scents, we recommend trying oils from the mint family.


Lighting: FTP-5050RGB + White LED with 96 million color options

Sunset and sunrise modes

Candle mode

Insomnia Buster mode


How long does diffuser run and what is coverage area?

Each diffuser bay can operate continuously for up to 30 minutes, with a ultrasonic sprayer plate frequency of 2.4±5% MHz. The atomization amount is 5-15ml/h.

Water shortage protection: The device will flash red LED to alarm after 8 seconds of water shortage, and turn off atomization function automatically.

Water capacity for each bay: 70 mL. Do not overfill.


Bluetooth Smart speaker: 3 Watts


Plastic construction with beautiful faux wood accents

Sight, sound and scent features can be used all at once to create a complete sleep solution or separately to accommodate your sleep routine.

Product Weight - 560g

Product Dimensions - 120*120*204mm.

Shipping Weight - 924g

Shipping Dimension: 155*155*285mm

Plugs into standard US Outlet: DC 24V/2A, Rated Power 48 W.
Power Input: 100-240V/ Output: 24V 2000mA

Safety Certification:FCC ID/FCC SDOC

What you need

Essential oils of your choice (2 mL SLEEP and WAKE samples included in packaging)

Filtered water

Bluetooth-compatible Apple phone, iOS 10 or 11, or Android phone, 4.4 and up

USB Charging ports

2-port 3A Universal USB Charger: If both ports are in use, the current will be distributed between the devices.

Button user guide:

Short touch - Turn on and off light

Long touch - Cycle through diffuser 1, diffuser 2, off.